Mother Nature’s Valentines

Open your heart and mind to the valentines Mother Nature provides for us.  It's as if she whispers, "Give love a chance.  It's right in front of you if you'll only look!" Several years ago, one of my good friends showed me her collection of heart-shaped coral. She told me whenever she went to the beach, she scouted the shore for a special piece of coral to give her husband.  Recently, I started to collect these little treasures.
Heart-Shaped Coral
Heart-Shaped Coral
    These little symbols of love are hidden in the coarse sand, beach debris, and unforgiving black lava, but if you want to find them, they are there for the taking.     A recurring theme in romance stories is the hero or heroine looking for love in all the wrong places.  That's the theme I chose for my Valentine's romance,  Only on Valentine's Day.   Only+on+Valentine's+Day+(2)
Dani Cabral, a rancher’s daughter, wants to marry anybody but a cowboy.  Her dream wedding is on Valentine’s Day in the next few months. Every detail is planned, except for one thing. There‘s no groom in sight. Joe Domingos, Dani’s best friend and pure cowboy, would give anything to have Dani as his own. He watches from the sidelines as Dani makes her move to Kona and muddles through two disastrous relationships. When Joe hears rumors that Derek, the city slicker banker, is ready to propose to Dani, he must decide to fight for Dani’s love or keep his true feelings hidden.

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We can look for love in the wrong places and we can miss our chance at love if we wait too long. Take the unfolding branches of the 'ama'u fern.  Mother Nature's message is there, if you look at the right time and from the right perspective.
'Ama'u fern unfolding.
'Ama'u fern unfolding.
So, on this Valentine's Day weekend, recognize the love in your life.  Mother Nature wants it that way.

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